Getting There in Florianopolis

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Florianopolis is one of the most popular cities in Brazil for tourists because it is a formed by part of continental Brazil, the Island of Santa Catarina and some surrounding smaller islands. Given its eclectic geography and its over 40 amazing beaches, the city of Florianopolis has a booming tourist industry. Getting to Florianopolis can be done in 3 easy ways.

Getting There by Plane

Florianopolis is served by the modern Hercilio Luz International Airport (IATA code: FLN), receiving about 2.7 million passengers every year. This airport is served by many domestic and international airline companies. In order to save  some cash, some visitors select domestic flights from airlines such as: Azul, Gol, NHT Linhas Aereas, OceanAir, PLUNA or TAM. The airport has several car rental agencies, both domestic and international.

Getting There by Car

If you rented a car from mainland Brazil or borrowed one from a local friend, driving to Florianopolis is quite easy, but be warned that the distances are very, very long. From both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro you can take the BR-116, BR-376 and BR-101 highways. The distance between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo is about 266 miles (429 kilometers). The distance between Sao Paulo and Florianopolis is about 437 miles (705 kilometers). From Porto Alegre you can take the BR-290 or BR-101 to drive for about 295 miles (476 kilometers) before reaching Florianopolis. Driving to Florianopolis requires a lot of time, so don't attempt to travel to Florianopolis by car if you have little time available for your stay in Brazil. In those cases, it is much better to take a plane.

Getting There by Bus

The Rita Maria Bus Terminal serves the city of Florianopolis. Located on the Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge, its serves about 10,000 people every day. Buses get really crowded during the summer because they are the most affordable way to travel to Florianopolis. The Rita Maria Bus Terminal also offers bus rides to neighboring countries in South America such as Argentina and Chile.
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