Getting Around in Florianopolis

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The North, the Center and the South

Getting around Florianopolis is quite easy because the city can be divided into 3 main regions: the north, the historic center and the south. The north sector of Florianopolis is where most beaches are and where most tourist attractions are, so here is where you will spend most of your time during your stay. The historical center is full of examples of the colonial era of Brazil. The narrow alleys and rows of colonial houses, churches and buildings will take you back in time and provide plenty of opportunities for great photographs. Here you will also find the historic Public Market, whose construction dates back to 1898. Last but not least, the south region is mainly characterized by the Azorean customs and culture that Portuguese immigrants seek to conserve.

Getting Around by Car

Having a car in Florianopolis will make your stay much more comfortable because you will navigate the long distances with more comfort. The Hercilio Luz International Airport provides a lot of good options when deciding to rent a car.  The main expressway that covers most of the island is the SC-401. Other important expressways to remember are the SC-403, SC-404, SC-405 and SC-406. Drive through the SC-405 and SC-406 to visit the local rainforest reservations. Some important information to remember is that Florianopolis has over 40 neighborhoods-- so don't be surprised if you run into 2 streets with the same name but in different neighborhoods.

Getting Around by Bicycle

CicloBrasil and the State University of Santa Catarina designed and developed a bicycle program that aims to increase the use of bicycles in Florianopolis for both leisure and transport. Traveling by bicycle around the city provides you a different perspective and is worth the try. Florianopolis continues to be a bicycle friendly city.
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