Festivals in Florianopolis

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Florianopolis, a city made up of several islands, is known for its fantastic seafood, folklore, and lace. It is a dynamic and rapidly developing city that is becoming more and more popular with both Brazilians and tourists alike. Festivals and celebrations are an important part of the culture in Florianopolis, and everyone in the area is free to enjoy them to the fullest. By taking an indepth look at all the festivals have to offer, a deeper understanding of the city can be gained, and you can see which festivals you'll be able to attend on your next vacation to Brazil.

Fenaostra: The National Oyster Festival and Azorean Culture Festival

Every year, during the month of October, Florianopolis hosts the Oyster and Azorean Culture Festival, due to the city's importance in oyster production and distribution. Music fills the air and Azorean arts and crafts are displayed and sold on the streets.  One Azorean specialty is bobbin lace, a delicate material that has been typical type of art from Florianopolis since the 1700s. During this lively festival you'll have the chance to taste all different varieties of oysters, including some with cheese and wine sauces. Being an island tradition, if you're in the area during October don't miss out on all of the fun and tasty activities of the oyster and Azorean culture festival.


Carnival is what Brazil is known for, but Florianopolis puts its own twist on this famous celebration. The festivities are centered around the city's downtown area and include wild parties on most streets with drinking, singing, and dancing. Live bands can be found everywhere, providing energetic music to please the crowds. The Pop Gay Festival is one typical event of Florianopolis's Carnival. In Tancredo Neves Square, transexuals and drag queens dress up in their best costumes and compete to see who looks the best. Families attend this festival in masses, cheering along the competitors. Another more traditional event is Bloco dos Sujo, where men, who are generally straight, dress up as women and walk through town in a huge group, all the while dancing and drinking. All of the families of these men crowd along the sides of the roads to support them and join in the fun. Since there are many Samba groups in Florianopolis, an annual Samba competition in the Sambadrome is also a major part of Carnival.

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