Eating Out in Florianopolis

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Whatever your taste and whatever your budget, you'll find something to suit in Florianopolis. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil, Ilha da Santa Catarina is geared up to suit the needs of every type of traveler, and even those on the tightest of budgets will be able to treat themselves to the occasional meal out. The city itself is best seen as a base for exploring the 42 beautiful beaches that stud the island, and each of the many resorts here has a wealth of dining
options to choose from. As one would expect, fish and seafood are excellent in Florianopolis, and can be found everywhere from simple beach shacks to top-end restaurants.

Best for a Blow Out

Visitors with cash to burn will find plenty of upscale restaurants in Florianopolis. Good city center options include La Pergoletta Trattoria, at Travessa Carreirao 62, which serves delicious handmade pasta in elegant surroundings. For a wonderfully romantic meal, head to Bistro d'Acampora, at Praia Canasveiras, where the eponymous chef Zeco d'Acampora has created an ever-changing contemporary menu that makes very good use of freshly-caught fish and seafood, together with locally-sourced, seasonal produce. The restaurant, which doubles as an art gallery, is immaculately appointed and considered one of the most sophisticated spots on the island.

Best on a Budget

Not even the most cash-strapped of travelers visiting Florianpolis need go hungry. The island's popularity with the international backpacker crowd means that there are countless places catering to visitors with less than lavish spending habits, and the 'plate of the day' lunch options offered by many informal restaurants are often very good value. Typically featuring fish, meat or chicken with rice, fries and black beans, these set meals are not only tasty and filling but nutritionally balanced too. To add a little spice, make use of the chili pepper sauce to be found at the counter or on your table, but be cautious if you're not used to Brazilian peppers. Other good value options include restaurants serving meat or pizza rodizio style - for a set price, waiters will bring slice after slice to your table until you finally buckle. Lunch restaurants serving comida a kilo are good options for anyone who doesn't have a ravenous appetite - diners take their pick from a buffet of salads, sides and hot dishes, and pay by weight.

Vegetarian Options

Even the simplest of pay-by-weight restaurants will feature a good salad bar, and there are usually plenty of meat-free rice and pasta options too. In the city center, Vida, at Rua Visconde de Ouro Preto 298, offers an excellent value lunch buffet. For less than R$10, diners can load their plates up with a range of meat-free treats, from salads to soya-meat lasagna. Soup and a fresh fruit juice are included in the price, and the restaurant is housed in a handsome, and refreshingly cool, colonial building.

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