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Florianopolis cruises are among the most sought after cruises offered in the Western Hemisphere, and there are many options for you to choose from to create your ideal vacation. Florianopolis, a beautiful  island in the southern part of Brazil called Santa Catarina, is often called “Magic Island,” alluding to the city's clear, sparkling water and the preservation of the native culture. If you’re looking for adventure and leisure in the same place, a cruise to or from Florianopolis is the vacation for you.

About Florianopolis

The capital city of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, is a lovely place to visit. Streets lined with small boutiques and specialty stores make the city a perfect stop for a day trip that many cruise operators offer. Holiday parades are a big attraction during the tourist season, which runs from April through the end of May. Beachfront hotels provide the atmosphere of a tropical destination, while still allowing for proximity to the city.

Florianopolis Activities and Sites

There are many opportunities for day trips and sailing adventures when visiting Florianopolis. If your starting point is Florianopolis, south of the city is the Praia do Rosa, a well known breeding ground for the Southern Right Whales and a location that has many tour companies offering afternoon and evening cruises.
The Northern Bay tour takes visitors to the islands of Ratones Grande and Anhatomirim where the historic cities Santo Antonio and Santa Cruz were built during the 18th century. The waters around this area are part of a protected flourishing dolphin community and make for a great time on the water watching for dolphins.

To complement the cruises available, Florianopolis offers a number of other activities for visitors. There are over 40 white sand beaches that stretch along the coastline of Santa Catarina State Island that are magnificent and at least one should be visited during your stay in Florianopolis. Surfing, hiking, and horseback riding are available year round, and the old colonial forts strewn throughout the city and its many surrounding islands are a popular historical stop on any visit to the city.

Important Considerations

Always take the time to research the services and amenities available in an area before visiting to make sure you get the best rates available. Talk to your travel agent to find out when the best travel times are for Florianopolis and any other locations you will be visiting so you know what to expect in terms of price and crowds.

By taking time to learn more about the region and plan for your trip, your experience on a Florianopolis cruise can be the best vacation you’ll ever take.

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