Beaches in Florianopolis

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Florianopolis has more than a hundred gorgeous beaches that have earned it the distinction of a much coveted coastal tourist retreat. Each beach has its own identity and topography, and is famous for diverse vistas and activities. Here is guide to the beautiful beaches of Florianopolis.

Northern Island

The northern belt of the island has some of the most popular beaches in town. Canasvieiras is a tranquil and pleasant beach that doesn’t have any waves at all, most of the time. Jurure is on the same lines as Cansavieiras, and features relatively composed waters. Praia, on the other hand, has more aggressive surfs and overlooks the open ocean. All three beaches are hip and happening hotspots, packed with celebrities and tourists in the sultry summer months. The Jurare beach strip is adorned by several celebrity villas and condos that make for a lovely sight. For a beautiful, tiny beach that houses even smaller fishing settlements, the Lagoinha Beach is a scenic spot. This is also one of the best places in Florianopolis to catch a spectacular sunset view.

Southern Beaches

The southern beaches are more quiet and discreet than the northern island beaches, except for a few hot surfing spots that are inhibited by hordes of surfing enthusiasts.
  • The Praia Mole is the current favorite surfer’s paradise, with its perfect winds and balanced waters. The beach is fairly untouched and is flanked by lush hills and features smooth, silvery white sand.
  • Praia da Galheta is the island’s nude beach that is also a popular gay cruise spot.
  • Praia da Joaquina, towards the Lagoa sand dunes, was once a very popular beach that has now faded into oblivion to make place for the swankier ones.
  • Campeche is at the extreme southern region of Florianopolis, and the most distinct characteristic of the beach is its intimidating waves. This is a relatively cast-away beach that is unsafe for swimming.
  • For dolphin watching, head to Praia da Armaco, located at the southern side of Campache. Take a walking trail through Lagoinha de Leste, a well-preserved ecological headland that sits at the tip of a hill.

Florianopolis is a surfer’s haven and the best surfing beaches on the island are Galheta, Praia Mol, Bara da Lagoa, Joaquina, Mocambique, Praia Brava, Matadeiro, Santinho and Morro das Pedras.

Florianopolis is a stunning beach island that features popular surfing spots, trendy swim beaches and secluded coastal areas that are nice for lazy sunbathing.

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