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Casa dos ventos - Cumbuco

Casa dos ventos - Cumbuco

Jeroen de vries

Cumbuco is a small fishering village 25 km north from the capital city of the state of Ceara, Fortaleza. In the area around Fortaleza is Cumbuco one of the best places to stay, with uncrowded sandy beaches and palm trees everywhere.

Characteristic for Cumbuco is how it is situated. At one side the blue sea at the other side the massive sand dunes. The quaint centre of Cumbuco is build around a town square like is traditional in Brazil. In the middle of this town square is a football field where they play football every day.

Around the town square are lots of restaurants and small super markets. Brazil has excellent value for money.


All year round there is good kitesurfing in Cumbuco. Best months are August until December. These months you can kite every day with 10, 12 or 14m² kites. In the other months the wind can also be really good. But do not forget to bring a 16 or an 18m² kite.

Behind Cumbuco are some really huge sand dunes. The dunes create some really warm air, which creates the every day blowing wind or seabreeze. The wind increases the more North you go.

It is not necessary to bring a wetsuit. Almost the whole year the water is like 20 to 25 degrees celcius.


Around Cumbuco the beaches are wide and everywhere are places to go kiting. The kitezone is in front of the Eco Paradise Hotel. Here are the most kiters. But no problem if it gets to busy, just go up or down wind 150 meters and you are the only kiter.

6 km downwind from Cumbuco is a nice lagoon. This is a fresh water lagoon called "Lagoa de Cauipe". Here the water is really flat. It's possible to do a down winder from Cumbuco to the lagoon. This takes around 10 - 45 minutes, depending on how fast you kite and if you want to play in the waves on the way down!  Make sure you arrange for somebody to pick you up. The lagoon is pretty small and also well used by the local kite schools. So it can be really crowded, especially during weekends.

When you want to have waves just drive North for 1 hour and look for a place called Paracuru. This is one of the best places to go kiting. First 150 meters flat water, after that a perfect breaking wave on some reef. Not the perfect beginners place but for intermediate or advanced kiters a real paradise.


Overseas property investors are recognising the potential that Fortaleza offers and Cumbuco is certainly no exception. With its pristine beaches, unspoiled charm and affordable housing Cumbuco now attracts real estate tourists.


Book a flight to Fortaleza. At the moment Martinair is also flying there, and there are many direct flights from Europ. Check for the cheapest prices by  From the airport its only 1 hour driving to Cumbuco! By taxi the trip costs around 10 to 15 U$.


- Buggy tour

- Quads

- Horse back riding

- Surfing

- Sand boarding

-Relaxing in the Hammock


In Cumbuco are living only 1500 Brazilians. There are not really European standard bars or discotheques. No big party at night in Cumbuco. Still some Brazilians go play football on the Town Square or drink a beer there.

When you want to party you have to go to Fortaleza. Here it's every night party, just go there and you will find out! Don't miss it because you have to see this once! On Sunday night go to the Orbita, all night there are live rock bands.


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