Cuiaba Travel Guide

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Avenida Getúlio Vargas

Avenida Getúlio Vargas

Cuiaba is directly in the center of South America and will be the center of activity for you when you visit the beautiful country of Brazil. 

Climate and Proper Attire

The Climate is tropical, so bring sunscreen and light clothing. Don’t hesitate to visit the tropical areas as well as the wetlands, mountains, and rivers (particularly the Amazon River) nearby. Right before Lent the city sponsors Carneval similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. People dress up in costumes and parade through the streets. In June, participate in the festival Capela de São Benedito which is a religious African/Brazilian festival.

History and Museums

If you are a history buff several museums are available. Ramis Bucair Museum of stones has about 4000 archaeological exhibits to browse through including old maps, fossils, even a meteorite. The Museu do Artesanato is an art museum where local artists display their work. The Museum of Folk Art and Culture that will give you a good profile of the people of the city. The Palacio de Instrucao is a history museum focusing on the War between Brazil and Paraguay during the 19 th century. A Natural History Museum is also here. The Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário is part of the old town and built by African slaves during the 18 th century. 

City Atmosphere

Cowboys are popular in Cuiaba and you will find many shops that cater to that population selling boots and cowboy hats. However, if you need formal atire, you can readily find it along with just about anything else. Cuiaba is like any big city where you can shop for name brand products as well as folk arts from local artisans. In fact, on most weekends you can browse the Feira de Artesanato, a crafts market. 


The zoo is right downtown where you can see exotic and interesting animals or go to Aquas Quentes and see the aquatic part with natural warm water and rainforest reserve.  Other things you can do in Cuiaba is skydiving, ballooning, hiking, and fishing. 


The city is diverse and therefore the food you can get in restaurants and street venders is just as diverse.You can dine in luxury at a gourmet restaurant or munch on some wonderful food prepared by a street vendor. 


All big cities have hotels in which to rest your hot weary bones after exploring the rainforest. Cuiaba has 5 star hotels all the way to budget hotels. Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $75 per night. Rooms are usually air conditioned and have modern amenities including restaurants and bars that will make your trip quite comfortable.

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