Blumenau Travel Guide

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João Felipe

Characteristics - With superior standard of living to the Brazilian average, Blumenau possesss the dynamism of a modern center, high per capita income and very low levels of violence and illiteracy. It is a modern city, that offers good tourist infrastructure with tempers it of the German traditions. Date of foundation - 02 of September of 1850. Festive date - October (Oktoberfest). Main economic activities - Tourism, commerce and industry, with prominence for the textile production and of crystals, being also known for the production of ceramics, porcelains, chocolates caretakers and musical instruments.  Population - 250,000 inhabitants. Settling - German.  Main etnias - German and Italian.  Localization - Average valley of the Itajai-Acu, the 50 km of the coast.  Area - the city had, initially, more than 10 a thousand Km2. Today the area of Blumenau is reduced little more than the 510 Km2, due to emancipation of more than 40 on cities to the old colony. Climate - Tempered hot, with average temperature between 16ºC and 27ºC.  Altitude - 21m above of the level of the sea.  Next towns - Brusque, Indaial, Pomerode, Islet, Caspar, Apiuna, Timbo.
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