When to Go in Belo horizonte

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Although the climate of Belo Horizonte is tropical, it is still considered to be relatively mild. Contrary to popular belief, instead of there being only two seasons, there are slight variations between spring and summer, as well as contrasts between autumn and winter.

However, it is also important to remember that the seasons are “reversed" in comparison to the northern hemisphere. While summer begins in December and winter begins in June.

Throughout the year temperatures range from an average of about 63˚F to 81˚F, but can dip as low as 35˚F or rise as high as 95˚F.

Winter - June through August

July is usually the coldest month in Belo Horizonte. The lowest ever recorded temperature in July was 35˚F.

Winter in Belo Horizonte is generally dry, but of the winter months July is not only coldest, it also gets the most precipitation.

Spring – September through November

Temperatures during this time usually range between 68˚F and 79˚F, but although temperatures remain within the same range through this season, there is a marked rise in the possibility of precipitation levels. While in the course of September less than about 2 inches of rain falls, by November, up to 9 inches or more of rain may fall.

Summer – December through February

Although it is very hot in the summer, it is also very rainy. On average, December gets the most rain, and the precipitation levels decrease as the season continues.

The temperature usually increases as the rain declines. February is generally the warmest summer month, with average temperatures of about 77˚F, but the month still averages about 7 inches of rain.

Autumn – March through May

A noticeable amount of rain still falls through March and April, but the amount steadily decreases. Equally, temperatures have been known to rise.

Although the temperature begins to drop in May, so do the levels of rain, and May can be a desirable period to visit Belo Horizonte.

When is the weather most favorable for travelers?

On average, while temperatures are generally hotter in the southern hemisphere than anywhere in the northern hemisphere, the cooler months in Belo Horizonte can be cold, and equally, the reliably warmer months experience a high level of rainfall.

May, June, and August are most likely the most favorable months to visit Belo Horizante. While temperatures are usually warm, these three months experience the lowest amounts of precipitation. Yet, the weather is still a gamble due to the possibility of rain and cold, so it is best to see if there are any weather trends in the period prior to travel.

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