Senior Travel in Belo horizonte

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Well known for its famous architecture and preserved downtown, historical parks, gardens, and fine buildings is the South American city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Here is a senior traveler’s guide to the beautiful relaxed city of Belo Horizonte that ensures fulfillment of your historical sight seeing and relaxation needs.


A great thing about Belo Horizonte is its historical museums. Within the city are The Museum of Natural History and Botanical Gardens and The Abílio Baretto Museum. The Museum of Natural History and Botanical Gardens is a spacious garden tour museum. It features exotic garden paths between historical exhibit buildings. The Abílio Baretto Museum, in old-town Belo Horizonte, truly captures the history of the city, as it is one of its oldest buildings in the city. Along with its intriguing exhibits of fine art, furniture, and pottery, Bel Horizonte’s finest cafes surround the Abílio Baretto Museum. Browsing in some of Brazil's finest museums with a soothing pure Brazilian cappuccino in your hand is an ideal way for any senior to spend a day on vacation.

Sunday Fair and Municipal Park

The main street, Avenue Afonso Pena, shuts down each Sunday for the extravagant Sunday Street Market. This market takes up several blocks and is full of local vendors selling hand crafted toys, pottery, furniture, rugs, and clothing. Along with experiencing the city's culture, this market is a great place to pick up souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones back home. Just bordering the market is the Municipal Park. The Municipal Park offers beautiful gardens, paths, and a relaxing place to sit back and rest your feet after some upbeat market shopping. Municipal Park also offers a canoe and row boat rental service to assist your adventure through the ponds and canals in the park.

Pampulha Lagoon

About 10 minutes south of Belo Horizonte is the neighboring town of Pampulha. This is a great place to go for a day while vacationing in Belo Horizonte. Here you can experience the Belo Horizonte Zoo, and the famous Pampulha architectural buildings. These include the Pampulha Art Museum, and Casa do Baile. The Casa do Baile is a must see for senior travelers. It was originally a vacation house from the 1940s to 1950s where famous movie stars and the wealthy from all over the world vacationed. Its preserved beauty along the lagoon will really take you back in time. 

Belo Horizonte's aesthetically pleasing buildings, gardens, and atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for senior travelers. The friendly residents and preserved history will make you feel more than welcome as you relax within this beautiful city.

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