Internet Cafes in Belo horizonte

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Belo Horizonte is one of the most popular tourist spots in Brazil, and it has a number of attractive tourist attractions, along with a number of Belo Horizonte Internet Cafes and restaurants.

Making a Fast Internet Connection

You definitely do not have to worry about any scarcity of Belo Horizonte, Internet cafés, because nearly every good hotel has an Internet connection. Nevertheless, when you are in Belo Horizonte, you might want to make sure that you are in touch with the rest of the world through a fast Internet connection. So, here is a list of the Belo Horizonte Internet cafés.

Popular Internet Cafés

Tudo Virtual in the Rua Desembargador Barcelos, 1038, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30480-250 is one of the good Internet cafés. Apart from that, you might want to look at the services of Focuslan House Rua Padre Pedro Pinto, 710 - Venda Nova and Internet club Café Rua Fernandes Tourinho, 385 - Funcionários, Belo Horizonte. You are going to get access to 4 computers here along with a scanner and a printer. In fact, you have all the facilities to download the photos you have been taking of Belo Horizonte onto the computer and upload them for safekeeping, so that you can get easy access to them whenever you want.

The Soleá Taberna Flamenca

Another Internet café in Belo Horizonte is The Soleá Taberna Flamenca e Cyber Café Rua Sergipe, 1199 B - Savassi. This is a place where you can check up your e-mail as well as enjoy an evening out, especially when you are interested in watching the flamenco and want to have dinner. After you have checked your e-mail, sent the photographs and the messages, you can have dinner at Soleá Taberna Flamenca e Cyber Café. But, you need to book ahead for dinner!

Pró-Terra Cyber Café

Pró-Terra Cyber Café is another cyber café at Belo Horizonte, which is situated at Augusto de Lima 134, lojas 10,11,12,13 Belo Horizonte.

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cybercafes internet cafes

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internet service with coffee store and franshinsing of
cybercafe in Brazil 14 computers, videocam, printer, scanner

World66 rating: [rate it]
price:U$ 3.5 R$ 8,00
tel:55 31 3282 3132
hours:Sunday to fryday open 9 a.m close 9 p.m Satourday open 9 a.m close 6 p.m
address:R. Fernandes Tourinho, 385 e R. Fernandes Rourinho, 470 lj 10
Belo Horizonte - Ninas Gerais, 30112 000, Brazil

Poptel - Telecom Point

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Poptel - Point Telecom, Internet cafe, printers, scanner, USB download photos, Webcam, headphones, telephone calls and telephone cards.

type:Internet Cafe
World66 rating: [rate it]
address:Pc Rio Branco, 100 Lj225 - Bus Station - Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brazil.
price:U$0,91 or R$2,00 per 15 minutes and U$2,80 or R$6,00 per hour.
hours:Monday to Friday: Open 6:30 AM close 11:00 PM; Saturday: Open 08:00 AM close 09:00 PM; Sunday: Open 10:00 AM close 11:00 PM

Minas Internet Services

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World66 rating: [rate it]
price:30 computers avaible, scanner, color printer,
fax, high speed connection.
Cafe, Soft drink, Fast food
tel:31 3222 2224
email:7 day
hours:R$ 5,00
url:31 3222 2224
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