Getting Around in Belo horizonte

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Getting around Belo Horizonte is easy because this city has a great public transportation system. The system is a result of the over 20 universities and hundreds of schools located around the city. As in any other large metropolitan area (this is Brazil's third largest metropolitan area), be aware that traffic is very heavy during the morning commute to work and the late afternoon back from work.

Getting around by Bus

The bus system in Belo Horizonte is quite efficient, not only because it integrates with the Belo Horizonte Metro (also known as Metro BH) but also because the buses have their own lanes on most of Belo Horizonte's roads. The bus system was revamped in early 2000, and it works great. As in any South American city, avoid carrying flashy jewelry, expensive watches and large amounts of money when riding the bus. Exact change is not necessary, because there is a person inside the bus in charge of collecting the bus fare and giving change (if necessary). When paying the bus fare, don't use large bills or foreign currency.

Getting around by Metro

The Belo Horizonte Metro is one of the most antique metro systems in Brazil. This metro system consists of a single line with 19 stations. It starts at El Dorado station and ends at Vilarinho station. 25 trains operate at this metro system, which is 28 kilometers (17 miles) long. This metro system is not that efficient when moving around short distances in Belo Horizonte, but it's very convenient for covering large distances and avoiding the massive traffic during rush hours.

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I have to get fron Belo Horizonte to Sete Lagoas on 17 April 2010. Can you please tell me what transport is available and what is the cost involved.


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