Festivals in Belo horizonte

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Bela Horizonte is a vibrant city which is host to a variety of flamboyant festivals throughout the year. These festivals are rich with history and culture, making them an important attraction for tourists. Bela Horizonte is an important cultural center and this is reflected by the many festivals promoting arts such as theater, dance and film.

Belo Horizonte Carnival

The Belo Horizonte Carnival is famous all around the world and is attended by many tourists. During this vibrant festival, people dress up in beautiful costumes and parade down the streets. Costumes include pigs, religious characters and Cigarron. The date of this festival falls prior to Lent, as according to Roman Catholic tradition people should give up pleasurable activities during Lent. This festival is one of excess, where pleasures can be relished before a period of sacrifice.

The Belo Horizonte Carnival is the ideal time to see Samba dancing performances, as it features prominently during the festival period. Samba dances can be seen in special stadiums, on the streets and at local bars. Samba competitions are also held. Flights and accommodation are scarce and prices are raised. Bookings should be made well in advance and tourists who are not interested in the festival should wait until the crowds have left. It is advised to book tickets months in advance. The festival usually falls in February, but exact dates vary from year to year.

International Theater Festival

This festival features many remarkable theater productions. It was formed from two separate theater events, which have been combined to create the International Theatre Festival. It's held every two years. Productions can be watched at selected theaters or on the streets. Seminars, courses and talks are held during this period. Belo Horizonte City Hall produces this event.

FID – Circulando

This event focuses on dance performances and helps promote culture in Belo Horizonte. The performances are produced by locals. As the aim is to spread cultural awareness, the productions are performed in less advantaged regions of the city. Workshops and talks are also held.

Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival

This festival happens annually and showcases both local and international films. It extends across eight days and entrance to the film screenings is free. There are also discussions on the various aspects of film production. The festival has a competition for the best Brazilian Film and the best International Film. It's usually held in November.

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