Budget Travel Ideas in Belo horizonte

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Traveling to Brazil can be quite expensive if not done right. Here are a couple tips on how to save money in Belo Horizonte.

Hostelling International

If you're planning to visit Belo Horizonte (or any other city in Brazil), you may want to apply for a Hostelling International membership at your country of origin. There are different types of memberships for students and teachers, for example, so learn more about each type to find our if there is one that suits your needs. Having a Hostelling International membership card (also known as HI ID for short), allows you to save money at hostels, restaurants, bars and certain shops in Belo Horizonte.

With your HI ID, you will be able to book a room at the Chale Mineiro Hostel in Belo Horizonte. Located at Rua Santa Luzia 288, this hostel takes reservations at +55 (31) 346-71576 or at chalemineiro@ig.com.br. Arriving to the Chale Mineiro from the Tancredo Neves International Airport (IATA code: CNF) is quite easy. First, jump on the UNIR bus heading toward the main bus station. Then, take bus 9801 that departs from Rua Caetes. Be on the lookout for Rua Santa Luzia, once you arrive in Santa Luzia, and you will find a bus stop right in front of hostel. This hostel offers individual and group rates and is located right in the heart of Belo Horiztone's downtown, where you will find plenty of bars, restaurants and shops. Ask the front desk for a list of nearby shops that offer discounts for HI ID holders. Another advantage of staying at the Chale Mineiro is that it is about 400 meters away from the Santa Tereza metro station on Avenida das Andradas.

Belo Horizonte on a Budget

The bus system of Belo Horizonte is great and received a major upgrade in 2000. Not only does the bus system offer you the best bang for your buck when moving around Belo Horizonte, but also it is designed to function together with the Belo Horizonte's metro system. The bus system is better for short distances, while the metro system is best for traveling longer distances. When using either the metro or bus, don't worry about having exact fare because there are attendants that provide change. However, do not try to pay with a really large bill or foreign currency, because that is the fastest way to receive a verbal "take a hike" from the attendants.

When traveling at night, it is recommended to take a taxi rather than the bus or metro. If possible, take a taxi that has a meter and make sure that it starts only after you are inside the taxi. If you notice that the taxi driver did not reset the meter, don't hesitate to ask him to do so. It is important to point that when taking a taxi late at night and, especially, when departing from a bar or night club, many taxi drivers will refuse to turn on the meter and will negotiate a rate with you. This is not uncommon so make sure to ask locals how much is a normal rate for your trip so the taxi driver does not charge you too much.

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