Balneario Camboriu Travel Guide

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Natural ponds at Estaleiro Beach Camboriú

Natural ponds at Estaleiro Beach Camboriú

Balneário Camboriú county meets in a few minutes the modern structure of a touristic spot in its central beach, ( a bay with 6 kilometers of tall buildings, night life, shopping centres and many hotels) with the most beautiful natural landscapes, virgin beaches, amazing sights and the hospitality of the people (like in all south Beaches), is wonderul.

Camboriú river :  The southern part of the central beach ends up in Camboriú River . A small port meeting native fisherman with fancy boats, helicopter rides, pubs, discos and well served restaurants. A modern Marina for more then 600 boats is presently being built

The “bondinho” : Here, at the end of the beach: “barra sul” you will find the only cable air cab in the world connecting two different beaches!  constructed with the most modern technology, this spectacular ride will take to Laranjeiras Beach with a “pit stop” in the top of the mountain, for sight seeing, walks in the forest, and Arborist practice Don´t miss it !!!

The other side of the coin: So, once you cross the river, either by air, sea or land,   no more tall buildings are allowed. Interpraias road is a 16 km . touristy road, innagurated in 2000 and probably has the “best collection” of beaches of Santa Catarina State, as they follow:

Laranjeiras Beach:  Stop point for the cable "bondinho" Calm waters, “Banana boat” restaurants in the sand, “pirates boats” for rides and other entertainments..

Taquarinhas Beach: The smallest one, the untouched one: No constructions are yet built in this paradise beach. I heard rumors that a big company bought it to make a eco-resort..

Taquaras beach: Similar to the last one, biggest, no less beautiful, and with some summer residences and small village.

Praia do Pinho: Most famous nudist beach in Brazil : one of the first ones to become officially allowed for the naturism and nudism practice. Big parties in carnival, although still Poor budget structure

Praia do Estaleiro:   Exclusive and coveted, Rustic and preserved  Estaleiro is today an exclusive place, home of many Europeans who decided to leave from big cities. Considered by environmental laws a preserved area. Estaleiro Beach ( praia do Estaleiro) is the starting line for eco tourism and adventure activities. Strategically located: since is at the same time in between the NATURAL GREEN MOUNTAINS and the PURE BLUE OCEAN I has 1500 meters of soft sand and a natural, charming and rustic touch. It also has very good options for small hotels called in portuguese: "pousadas".


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