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Praia de PITINGA beach

Praia de PITINGA beach

pousada agua marinha

Arraial da Ajuda is located in the South of Bahia, a region with endless beaches, sweet coconut water, huge variety of food with African and Indian influences. The sun shines all year round and the people are very welcoming. This little village was discovered in the '70 by Brazilian Hippies in search for a place to escape the local military regime.

Arraial da Ajuda is part of Porto Seguro, the town where the Portuguese first docked more than 500 years ago. It´s the most important historical city in Brazil. Porto Seguro is now a big destination but Arraial d'Ajuda still keeps its village feeling. From there you can visit other interesting villages such as Trancoso and Caraiva.

The village of Arraial da Ajuda offers many options to people who enjoy walks on the beach and also night life. The parties start only after midnight and finish in the morning. For those who like day time, there are many boat trips and deserted beaches to explore.

You can get to Porto Seguro from any city in Brazil, and then you would need to cross the river in a ferry boat to get to Arraial da Ajuda.

More information on the official website of Arraial d'Ajuda:


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