When to Go in Bolivia

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There is much to see and do in Bolivia, and here is some information on Bolivia – when to go. Going to the country is an art, since there can be problems that may threaten the enjoyment of a vacation in the country. Located in South America, Bolivia is a treasure trove of adventure to any traveler.


The main issue in Bolivia is undoubtedly the unpredictable climate. Depending on the region and the time of the year, the climate varies – and even this is difficult to predict, since there are numerous fluctuations throughout the day. The summer months are generally hotter and wetter, while winter months are cold and dry. Those looking to head to the mountains of Bolivia must bring warm clothing, since the temperatures often drop below zero at higher altitudes. The general rule of thumb is that as the altitude drops, the temperature increases, as does the humidity in the air.

Travel Warnings

With a large majority of the country being either Catholic or part of a Christian denomination, the Easter week contains many events in Bolivia, and this means that many of the restaurants, shops and sights are closed for the holiday. Watch out for this period of the year, when the entire country comes to a near standstill in celebration of the holiday. Shops are often not open on Sundays, so do take note of this in order to avoid a disappointment when planning a weekend getaway.

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