Santa Cruz Travel Guide

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Santa Cruz is a tropical city, built on a mesa. 12 hours from the city of Cochabamba by bus, and 50 minutes by plane, you see the magnificent mountains of the Occidental Real when you travel to the fastest growing city in Bolivia. 

The city is made up in rings, or anillos.  In the first anillo, you will find the Post Office, One-hour photo,  the Cathedral, the Central Park, and the cultural theatre. The central park has a sloth hanging around in the trees, watching everybody pass. Closer to the second and third anillos, you would find the markets like Siete Calles, and Dumbo's, an Ice Cream Shop that often mixed alcohol and ice cream to create some unique tasting items.

Shopping was an interesting side trip. There is a black market that is legal to the public maybe two days out of the week, where you can find almost everyting your heart desires, South American style. Just don't forget your papers: guards will check to see of you are legally in the country and not just out to get a cheap price.

Statues stand tall and proud at the cross-roads, often used as markers for those who are trying to navigate the city on their own, without the help of taxis and the bus lines. The Zoo is out by the third anillo, which carries a wide array of animals. Llamas and panthers are there, but the many brightly colored birds make up most of the interesting collection.


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