Cruises in Bolivia

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Bolivia cruises can come in all forms, from a boat trip up the Upper Amazon Basin to a journey along the coast. This brief guide tells you a little bit about what you can do when you drop anchor and go ashore, and the things you really shouldn't miss out on.

Going Native

For a taste of the real Bolivia and how its indigenous population live, you could get off the boat and make your way to the Chalalan Eco Lodge, which is situated in the jungle and run by the natives. Here you can watch and even get involved with traditional practices that date back thousands of years. The money you spend here also directly benefits the natives.

The Stunning Ruins of Tiahunico

Make the most of your Bolivia cruises by steeping yourself in the ancient culture of the country, and this means at least a brief visit to the ruins of Tiahunico. The cruise you are on may also head towards the spiritually significant Island of the Sun, a reed island situated in Lake Titicaca.

Pleasures of the Capital

Most Bolivia cruises will stop at the capital La Paz at least for a day or two, so you should take advantage of this and head to the fascinating "witches market," where you'll find dried llama fetuses that were traditionally offered as tributes to the gods and a whole selection of bizarre potions promising magical outcomes. You can also buy some hand crafted silver and "sucre," a local confectionery that is delicious.

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