The Perolani Waterfall

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Falls hidden behind this mountain

Falls hidden behind this mountain

Joost Schouppe

Perolani is a mysterious waterfall in the valley behind Tocaña. From far, it is impossible to see the base of the fall. It is said that it is impossible to go there, and that it would be foolish, because the devil lives there. Legend has it that a small caravan of mules was lost at the bottom of the fall, taking the life of all people and animals involved. The mules apparently were carrying bags of gold. A true legend is that one day the government decided to find out if there really was gold by sending a helicopter. Some mandatory volunteer was to get down the chopper via a cable. When the chopper was in position, a weird wind threw it out of position. The helicopter almost crashed, and the poor volunteer didn’t survive.

People from Tocana who got pretty near told they had to abort the mission when all of a sudden dozens of snakes appeared out of the jungle.

Another true story is that some ex military experts in jungle treks tried to get to the falls, but had to abort and go back via the river. Jumping down small falls, they had no way of knowing if the pool at the bottom was deep enough to break their fall.

Believe it or not, it’s for sure you have to be careful in a place where the mountain looks like the face of Darth Vader.


The waterfall can be seen from the road to Mururata. A sidetrack on the road from Polo Polo to Tocaña leads to the old Tocana soccer field, from where you can try to get closer. You can also get to the soccerfield from Tocana itself. Ask locals for directions. If you do an expedition, it’s best to go with a guide and to leave very early. There is a hotel in Tocaña to help you with the leaving early part (see chapter 4. Tocaña). Contact a guide or Perolani obsessed Carlos (see Services – Bicycles).

If you want to do a similar expedition, but without the risk of disappearing altogether, read the chapter about Supay Punku (in the “A Bit Further from Town” section).

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