The Kori Wayku Inca trail

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Vertical cliff with a trail carved out hundreds of years ago

Vertical cliff with a trail carved out hundreds of years ago

Joost Schouppe

Kori Wayku is the river that together with the San Juan creates the Yolosa river. The valley is the most attractive of the area, because it’s completely forested and wild. Although today it is a valley forgotten by almost anyone, but a few miners, it must have been very important one day. The Inca’s found it important enough to build on of their highway, which went all around the valley. Today, parts of the trail has been washed away by the river, but the parts that remain are spectacular. As it is such a natural place, you’ve got good chances to spot wildlife. You can also visit a small artisanal gold mine.   For now the trip is a three hour walk from Yolosa to a magnificent canyon, where the river is wild and the trail is carved out in the canyon wall. Leave early so you can spend some time at the canyon. On the road there you can visit a gold mine, spot wildlife and study the architecture of the Inca trail. To come back, you can take the same route, or when water levels are low, go along the river or cross the valley to climb up to Coroico Viejo. The descent from that village to Yolosa is just spectacular. From the canyon on, the Inca trail is in perfect condition, but to go deeper it will be at least a two day trip. The path crosses the canyon at a certain point, but the bridge obviously is long gone.

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