Supay Punku

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At the Gates of the Devil

At the Gates of the Devil

Joost Schouppe

Supay Punku is a very isolated place, even though it’s relatively easy to reach. In the middle of pure forest, you’ll find these Devils Gates, an impressive narrow canyon that is closed at the top. In the same area you’ll find an otherworldly lagoon that awaits the visitor who is daring enough to climb a 3 meter cascade, the only way to reach the base of the 100 meter Paradise Fall. The whole area is of the greenest possible cloudforest, where you can spot such peculiar birds as the Cock of the Rock (the “Tunqui”, symbol of the High Amazon) and the so called Quetzal.

The walk itself is pretty heavy, as you often have to walk through the river and the paths involve some difficult climbs. On the more relaxing side, the crystal-clear river forms the most beautiful natural pools. A small extra is that you might find fossils of seashells in the rocks on the riverbed.


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