Pozas del Vagante

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Walking in the river at the Pozas

Walking in the river at the Pozas

Joost Schouppe

The Pozas del Vagante is about the best place to go for a swim in the area, because the river is crystal-clear and has some deep natural swimming pools. It’s also a good destination for a small trekking, because of the road there, which leads through orange yards, along a Hacienda House and coca fields, and down into the riverside forest with its abundant butterflies and birds. Once there, you can just go for a swim and have a pick-nick, or have an exiting trip following the river up to a small canyon with secluded natural bubble baths. More difficult is a four hour trip down the river, passing the beautiful Rio Negro waterfall and its huge natural pool, the whole time walking in the river surrounded by forest.


You can go on foot, with a taxi, on horseback or on a bycicle.

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