Beaches in Bolivia

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The words Bolivia and beaches do not often go together, because Bolivia is a landlocked country is South America. It's surrounded on all sides by Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Paraguay, making it an excellent stop-off on a tour of the area. Still, there are a few activities that you can do if you're dedicated to finding the beach atmosphere in the country of Bolivia.

Lake Titicaca

The most authentic beach experience in Bolivia is to be had around Lake Titicaca. The lake, which is the highest-elevation lake that is completely traversable in the world, is home to the Uros people, an indigenous group that lives on the lake itself on small, man-made islands. There is also a variety of important and beautiful ruins surrounding the lake area. Beyond these cultural activities, the lake is home to beaches and traditional lake and beach activities like sunbathing, swimming, boating and more.

Salar de Uyumi

Although not a beach, the largest salt flats in the world are home to many of the same activities that beaches offer. Many people think of the salt flats as a beach without the water. If you're interested in dune buggy driving, biking, or other traditional sandy beach activities, many of them can be found at the Salar. Spreading over 4,000 square miles, this part of Bolivia is one of the most unique and desolate areas in the world. It sports no natural vegetation, and the few hotels and resorts on the flats that have developed are often made entirely from salt bricks.

Madidi National Park

Again, Madidi National Park is not a set of beaches, per se. However, this national park is surrounding the Amazon River basin and is home to a number of outdoor activities that may entice the beach enthusiast away from the larger body of water. This area is also in stark contrast to the Salar, and features a wonderfully diverse array of biological diversity.

Unfortunately, the beach options in Bolivia are quite limited. If you're truly interested in a beach vacation, the country is probably not for you. However, if you are excited by the prospect of a truly unique and enriching cultural experience with a welcoming people and an affordable pricetag, Bolivia can be a great choice.

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