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Independence House of Argentine Country

Independence House of Argentine Country


Argentina offers so much in one country - snow, waterfalls, countryside, large cities. It's because of this that they call it the land of five continents. Tucuman is part of the fifth - the desert.

Although the desert may not conjure images of beauty for all, las sierras de Tucuman (the hills of Tucuman) certainly are quite spectacular. A bus ride will take you out of the city, and over to the hills - a barren, isolated area that is sparsely populated. The top of the hills offer a spectacular view of the few animals that survive up here, cactus', more hills and at some points the city layed out far below.

There are particular places where tourist buses will stop and it is here that the Argentineans come to sell their native goods. These include cute things such as jewellery, flutes, dolls and other small souvenirs. Some may also offer tricks and games and may ask tourists to make a bet to see if they can beat them. If you decide to do this be careful!!!! They are tricky, and if you avert your eyes for a second or even blink, they will beat you!

Deep in the hills you will find las ruinas de los Quilmes (the ruins of the Quilmes Indians). It is here that the Quilmes had their homes, their village, which was later destoryed. The ruins remain and you can walk around the stone walls which once separated houses, streets and other facilities. It is fascinating to walk through an area that was home to a people thousands of years ago. If you remain here until sunset you will have a fantastic view of the sun setting behind the mountain miles away and the open plain in front of you slowly descending into darkness.

Although the city itself isn't amazing, it does have it's interesting aspects. These include the government house which is lit up at night with hundereds of light bulbs. Tours of the goverment building can also be taken.


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