San Miguel de Tucuman Travel Guide

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Situated in the center of the Northeastern region of Argentina is the famous city San Miguel de Tucuman, capital of the Tucuman province. Being the 5 th largest city in Argentina, it’s located at the foot of the Aconquija Mountains and at the borders of the Sali River.


It has a generally warm climate; in summer it becomes very hot, over 86 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees. The average temperature in both  spring and autumn are very pleasant at around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The majority of heavy rains occur during the summer months but they cease rather abruptly with the arrival of winter.


This city has a diverse collection of attractions, mostly with cultural significance, as well as many parks and plazas just waiting to be discovered. Travel to the city is made easy by the international airport, Benjamin Matienzo, which is located about 7 miles from San Miguel de Tucuman. The train station, Bartolome Mitre, is also a main entrance point to the city as well as providing connections to Buenos Aires, Santiago del Estero, and Santa Fe.

At the center of the city lies the mythic Plaza Independencia surrounded in all directions by important buildings with great architectural value. The plaza attracts many tourist, much commerce, and various cultural activities. You can visit this and many others features of the city on an approximately three hour walking tour through San Miguel de Tucuman.


Argentina has always been famous for its savory yet reasonably priced beef, so be sure to check out the many restaurants that specialize in unique preparations of the meat. You’ll be impressed by what you find. Sorry vegetarians, but there aren’t too many meat-free options in this South American city. One of the few places you can go is the Fon Restaurant, which does indeed offer vegan-friendly food as well as options for the lactose intolerant. Overall, you can get a good meal for about $5 USD, and portions tend to be big so go with an appetite.

Lovers of history, architecture, and all things cultural with have an amazing vacation to this jewel of a city. There aren’t too many kid-focused activities, so it’s probably best to leave the kids at home. Your biggest expenses will be travel to and from the city, but apart from that, San Miguel de Tucuman makes for an inexpensive yet classy getaway.



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