Nightlife and Entertainment in Mendoza

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World famous for its excellent wines, it’s no surprise that Mendoza offers plenty of options for those who want to relax with a glass or two. The  nightlife lacks the big city buzz of Buenos Aires, but it’s lively nonetheless, with plenty of spots to dance tango (or, for those who don’t rate their dancing skills, to watch other people strut their stuff). If you’re lucky enough to be here in February and March, don’t miss the chance to catch the Fiesta de La Vendimia – a boisterous party to mark the wine harvesting season, the action takes place in the Parque San Martin. Nightlife in Mendoza tends to be relatively quiet from Monday through to Wednesday, but gets very busy from Thursday on, with bars starting to get full around midnight.

Wine Bars

There are many wine bars in Mendoza, any one of which makes a good spot to start a night out in this cosmopolitan city. Decimo, at Garibaldo 7, Piso 10, offers sweeping vistas over the city below from its 10th floor location. Prices are slightly steeper than elsewhere, but its worth the extra for the views alone if your budget will stretch to it. Simple pavement cafes and bars can be found across the city, all offering a decent glass of wine for very reasonable prices. Calle Aristides Villanueva is lined with bars to suit all budgets, most of which offer good food to help soak up all that alcohol.


The Argentine love of Tango is alive and well in Mendoza, and anyone hoping to brush up on their skills will find plenty of opportunity to do so here. To see how it should be done, head long to Plaza Pellegrini, a beautiful little square that sees locals gather to listen to music and dance the night away. There are also plenty of indoor tango bars and clubs in the city, too, including Abril Café, at Las Heras 346.


Mendoza’s nightclubs can be a little difficult to find, with many of them situated on the outskirts of the city. Reaching them isn’t a problem thanks to regular combi vans and inexpensive taxis, but you’ll need to know where to head. From rock to electronica, tango to hip-hop, you’ll find something to suit your tastes and local listings guides are a good source of up-to-the-minute information. Although hotspots come and go, a good bet is to head for the Chacras de Coria suburb, which boasts many of the city’s nightclubs.
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