La plata Travel Guide

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La Plata

La Plata

In the Republic of Argentina, 56km southeast of the capital, Buenos Aires, there is a fascinating place, full of all sorts of features that attract visitors of all ages from every part of the world. They come to admire things that cannot be seen on any other part of this planet. This majestic place is called Ciudad de la Plata.

This city describes itself as a vacation destination for tourists of all ages, from the youngest of kids until the older generations. Architecture and green areas, ancient churches and restaurants, bars and buildings of science and culture, recreational areas, and much more make this city a unique part of South America to visit at any stage of life.

Burning of the Dolls

The highest concentrations of rain occur during March, April, and October; a few months later, locals celebrate the famous ritual of the burning dolls. The last day of the year, at 12 midnight, this unique event comes to life; its principle components are 6 meter tall dolls, fireworks, torches, and thousands of people. That’s right, enormous dolls made of wood, wire, and newspaper are brought to life with a bit of paint before being literally burned in pyres in every neighborhood of the city; thousands of people, young and old, participate in this spectacle.

Republica de los Ninos

The fun and entertainment for kids is provided by the theme park, Republica de los Niños; it was the first children’s park created in the Americas in 1951. Spread over 52 hectares, this park has miniature replicas of the most important and famous buildings of the world, an artificial lake, the Plaza of the Americas, and an overall world of wonder and magic specially designed for kids in this historic city.


For lovers of the natural world, a walk through the forest or through the many plazas and beautiful parks of the city would be the best option. For others, the zoo, the race track, or the ECAS (Estado de Cria de Animales Silvestres) would be the way to go.

The observatory, the natural science museum, the Argentinean Institute of Radio astronomy, and the public library are just some of the many places that lovers of culture and science have to enjoy. In the end, Ciudad de la Plata is full of amazing attractions and events for anyone looking to have a one-of-a-kind South American adventure.

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