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Puente San Martin

Puente San Martin

Emma Ray

If you´re travelling north from Buenos Aires, this might be the first time you really feel like you`re in South America. Jujuy still is an Argentine city, with western-style cafés and shops. But it has a large Quechua population, which gives this town a very intercultural feel. Except during the siesta, which is taken dead serious here, there is always a pleasant chaos in town. Do bring your earplugs if you intend to sleep at night. Around the bus terminal lodging is redicously cheap, but it´s always noisy there. A good night´s sleep is essential to apreciate the feel of this town.

This can be a good base for exploring the magnificent Andes by rented car, north to the Quebrada de Humahuaca or west to the Salinas Grandes and back through the valley where the superexpensive ´Tren a las Nubes` passes. Also don´t miss the road between Salta and Jujuy which is not used by the busses. Most of the road goes through spectacular forested mountains.


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