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If you want to move around in the province of Cordoba you have a wide network of buslines available (all leaving from the main bus terminal in the capital). Another option is renting a car at the airport or in the centre of the capital. You have to realise yourself that driving a car is a risky adventure.

Another interesting option is taking private owned "remises". Ask around in the area where you are if they now a person who runs a remis service. In every village there is always a person who wants to make some extra money with this. Don't expect luxury cars, be sure the car is safe enough though. For tourists from Europe or the USA a remis is a good and cheap option to move around in the capital or the close surroundings. With a "remis" driver you can negociate a fixed price for the trip or for f.e. a day trip.

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Heart of Argentina Travel

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Heart of Argentina Travel offers unique trips in the Sierras of Córdoba. The owners, a Dutch/Argentinean couple, know the region very well because they live in the mountains. They speak fluent Dutch, English and Spanish. Heart of Argentina Travel offers f.e. roundtrips of 4-5 days in the region, with a focus on getting to know the Argentinean culture from the inside.


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tel:03541-15 66 72 34 (mob)
address:San Antonio de Arredondo

CONDOR Viajes & Expediciones

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CONDOR Viajes & Expediciones offers unique Adventure Trips in Córdoba. Our team is integrated by professionals who know the requirements of a tourism committed to nature and adventure. For this we have decided to work only with the best guides and operators of this particular area of tourism, assuring responsibility, trust and safety, not only for our clients but for our team as well.

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