Nightlife and Entertainment in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires Nightlife is famous the world over, and with good reason. This sultry, sophisticated city boasts some of the most cosmopolitan bars, restaurants and nightclubs to be found anywhere in South America, and culture vultures will be more than happy with the quality and diversity of the theater and arts scene. Live music fills the air at every corner, and tango dancers set dance floors on fire at nightspots across the city. Make like the locals and take a siesta during the day - nightlife in Buenos Aires doesn't get going until the small hours.

Drinking and Dining in Buenos Aires

Whether you're a backpacker on a budget or a vacationer with cash to splash, Buenos Aires has drinking and dining opportunities to suit. Most nights out start off with a meal in one of the city's restaurants or informal cafe bars, with superb cuts of beef being the ideal way to soak up the free-flowing wine. A chic, if pricey option, is El Querendi, in the Retiro district, which doubles as a tango venue after nightfall. A more informal, and budget-friendly, option in the same neighborhood is La Pipeta, at San Martin 498.

Nightclubs in Buenos Aires

If you want to experience a real Buenos Aires night out, make sure you've cleared your diary for the following day. Most dance floors don't begin to fill up until around 2am, but they stay busy until the sun starts to come up. Dress to impress if you want to avoid being turned away at the door, as dress restrictions apply at all but the most informal of venues. A pair of smart jeans and shoes or smart trainers and a shirt usually suffice for male revelers, while ladies will feel underdressed in anything less than a dress, heels and jewelry. While tango is very much the most popular music in Buenos Aires, clubs here play everything from Brazilian funk and North American hip hop to salsa and bossa nova, so most partiers will find something to suit their taste. La Revuelta, at Alvarez Thomas 1368, is a nice spot for live jazz and tango.

Buenos Aires Tango Festival

Visitor to Buenos Aires can take in a live tango show at any time of the year, but by far the best time to see the national dance performed is between February and March, when a colorful, sensual tango festival hits the city. The Festival Buenos Aires Tango sees the city's squares and streets transformed into a giant outdoor party, with tango classes, performances and film screenings.



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