Getting Around in Buenos Aires

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You can explore Buenos Aires by foot, bus or horse-drawn carriage (romantic but not very fast). The most effective way is probably by using the subway —the A Line has charming old cars with wood and leather interiors.  The subway is fast, efficient and easy to manage. By using the subway you can get to, from and around the central city quickly and relatively safely. Taxi's are inexpensive as well but do not take just any taxi. RadioPlus Taxi we found to be safe and reliable.  For more info on visiting Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina, contact me at

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Throughout the whole country of Argentina the so called "remis" service is very well known. A remis is a sort of taxi service, but the difference is that you just hire a driver with his/her own personal car. A remis is many times considered much more safe because you don't just pick them up from the street (they are unrecognizable) but you have to order them in a remis service office or you can phone them. If you stay in a certain area of Buenos Aires for a longer periode (weeks) or if you stay in a city of village within Argentina for weeks than it is really interesting to get more..

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Bus transport in Buenos Aires

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The best way to get a real touch of Buenos Aires is to take one of the thousands of "collectivos", the local buslines. They make a hell of a noise, so you should be able to recognize them easily. To make a busdriver stop for you you'll have to indicate clearly that you want him/her to stop, otherwise they simply ignore you.

A passage from A to B costs you (depending on the distance of course) normally 80 centavos (0,8 pesos). To pay you need cash, because you'll have to put your coins in a machine, the drivers do not have any money or change on them. Good to know, more..

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