Getting Around in Buenos Aires

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If you want to find the best Buenos Aires transportation options, you can choose from the subway, taxis, buses or the train. You can also find many places to while enjoy walking through the city.

Subway in Buenos Aires

Taking the subway is a great way to travel in the city because the system works well and there are many different routes that you can take. There are subways that go to most of the tourist areas and you can find that most of them will take you near to where you are going. They are also affordable to ride and can be a great way to travel. You can take the subway to see Cabildo, Casa Rosada and the Plaza Dorrego, and you can also travel to the Teatro Colon and La Boca on the subway.

Taxis in Buenos Aires

You can find taxi service in the city that is easy to use and affordable. There are many taxis available around the hotels, resorts, restaurants and shopping areas in the city where you may want to visit. The fares are affordable and you use the taxis to see the Recoleta Cultural Center or to see one of the famous shows and the fairs in La Boca.

Bus Service

There is a bus service in the city that runs between hotels and resorts to some of the main tourist places. You can also find buses that go around the city with numerous stops that you can choose from, including the Palermo Viejo district with all of the bookstores, bars and boutiques. You can also see La Bombonera Stadium. Many people use the bus service for Buenos Aires transportation when they are in the city because they offer affordable rates.

Train Service

There is a train service in the city and also in the areas around the cities that can take you to popular spots. You will enjoy the views from the train when traveling around the city. It is a good choice if you are going to be in the Recoleta or Puerto Madero neighborhoods because they do not have the subway. Peru Station is a great place to start the train.

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