Eating Out in Buenos Aires

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Even when short of money, Argentines love to eat. Through economic ups and downs, the Argentine capital city has never been short on eating establishments nor has it ever wanted for diners. In recent years, as the economy has recovered, the number and variety of restaurants has steadily been increasing and BA offers culinary experiences on a par with major European and North American capital cities, but at a fraction of the price. For the best information about restaurants in Buenos Aires, try Guia The website is in Spanish, but should be navigable even by someone who only speaks English. Restaurants are listed according to types of food, neighborhoods, and most highly recommended. The Guide functions as a sort of Argentine "Zagats" and gives price indications in pesos as well. The hot-spot for restaurants in Buenos Aires is currently the neighborhood of Palermo, though excellent eateries can be found all across town.
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