Day Trips in Buenos Aires

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Most Buenos Aires day trips are located away from the congested, busy streets of the city. Most of these destinations are frequented by foreign visitors throughout the year. Thus, finding accommodation facilities for a day or so is easy. Some of the following destinations get lots of students as visitors and hence, very affordable packaged trips are available. A Buenos Aires day trip schedule should include:

1. Exploring Tigre & Parana Delta

Just about 18 km from the northernmost point of Buenos Aires lies one of Argentina’s most valued ecological spaces—the Parana Delta. This green stretch is also visited by Argentina’s city-dwellers for vacationing. This place can be reached via a local train or a cab-ride from Buenos Aires. Here, visitors can also visit the nearby Tigre town. This place is popular for two of its museums—the Sarmiento Museum and the Navy Museum. Tigre is particularly recommended, putting forth a more adventurous trip. Visitors need to navigate through small, river-channels to reach the residential spaces of Tigre.

2. Visiting Neighboring, Colonia Del Sacramento

This may sound a bit too easy-to-believe but the boundaries between Uruguay and Argentina are so relaxed that visitors from either side regularly cross it. Visitors to Buenos Aires are recommended to take advantage of this and make a daytrip to Colonia. This small town is in Uruguay and is just a short, ferry-ride away. Once in Colonia, visitors can explore the rural life in this South American town. The most popular activity here is undertaking unbelievably cheap horse-rides among the local ranches. Colonia has a certain, colonial aura to it. Visitors can roam around for hours, decoding the remnants of the Spanish rule that exist as ruined churches and expansive, summer homes. The ferry-ride to Colonia is totally risk-free. The biggest proof of this are school children from a nearby school in Buenos Aires who often cross-over to play soccer in the bigger, empty field of Colonia!

3. Visiting San Antonio de Areco

Antonio Areco is located along the Areco River, near the southern border of Buenos Aires. This is the best place to explore the farming communities of Argentina. A visit here provides an insight into the native cultures of Argentina. Many of the locals can be seen wearing gauchos. Visitors can reach San Antonio via local buses and once there, can feast upon local delicacies like the alfajor (a biscuit-like confectionery item). Don't miss the opportunity to spend a day shopping in the traditional-looking kiosks and visiting the weekly markets selling items sourced from tribes found in the deeper reaches of the Amazon rain forest.

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