Beaches in Buenos Aires

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Beautiful Buenos Aires

If you are looking to travel to a majestic, historic and fun-filled locale on your vacation, Buenos Aires is the place to go. Buenos Aires beaches are beautiful and pristine and offer everything from lazy days lounging in the sun to quality restaurants and exciting nightlife. Visiting the beaches should be a must on any Buenos Aires travel itinerary.

Mar de Ajo

Mar de Ajo is located on the Atlantic coast in the Buenos Aires Province. It is a beautiful seaside resort that offers fun for people of all ages. The climate is warm year round, with temperatures peaking during the summer months, making it a popular tourist destination. Throughout the year, Mar de Ajo boasts regular temperatures in the seventies, while the summer months climb well into the nineties. Mar de Ajo is commonly referred to as "Margarita Beach," in honor of a sunken ship of the same name that perished near the coast. During the day, you can enjoy laying on the beach enjoying the sun, swimming in the clear blue waters or fishing from the largest pier in the Coast District. Clams and shellfish are very prominent, making a successful fishing venture more likely. At night, you can enjoy the many restaurants along the beach that offer beautiful scenic views of the ocean and sunset. The Mar de Ajo casino also offers enjoyment to beach dwellers after nightfall. If you are looking for a day filled with sun and fun, followed by exciting nightlife, Mar de Ajo is the beach for you.

Mar de las Pampas

If you are looking for a quieter, more serene beach experience, Mar de las Pampas is the perfect destination. Not only will you enjoy the white sandy beach, you will revel in the glorious nature that surrounds it. Over one million trees, including pine trees, eucalyptus and cypress trees make this beach experience an unforgettable one. The warm temperatures and peaceful silence of this beach make it a relaxation haven. Imagine yourself walking along the coast with only the sounds of the waves crashing and the wind blowing to accompany you. Mar de las Pampas is located near the Argentinian Sea and about 5 miles from Villa Gesell.

Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata, known as "The Happy City," is the most popular tourist beach in the Buenos Aires Province. In addition to the glorious white sand beaches, there are several sand hills and cliffs. Visitors can take long walks through the sand hills and go paragliding or even parachuting. Water activities like SCUBA diving, surfing and jet skiing make for the perfect beach experience. Mar del Plata also boasts incredible sport fishing, renting boats and offering guided fishing trips to those who are looking for the perfect catch. Mar del Plata offers the best of both worlds; peace and relaxation as well as exciting activities and fantastic nightlife. This is the perfect beach retreat for those are who are looking to get the most out of their time in Buenos Aires.

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