Buenos Aires Travel Guide

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Santiago Cesini

Buenos Aires is the most European city in South America. It is a very stylish city with many interesting buildings from the nineteenth century. It is also known as the South American Paris for its architecture and style.

Don't miss the neighborhood of San Telmo. A run-down but appealing area halfway between midtown and the south end of the city, it is comparable to New York's Greenwich Village. Cobblestone streets here are rich with early 19th-century colonial architecture and mansions once inhabited by upper-class Spaniards.

Like any other metro city, there are homeless and poor people sleeping in the streets (like in Chicago, New York, Berlin, and so on). Be careful tho, like in any other big city. Argentina is the most developed country in Southamerica, so you should be safe.

If you are looking for some entertainment, Buenos Aires is your best choice. Many discos, a casino, plenty of bars... The night has no end in Buenos Aires.

There are countless things to see and do in this passionate city including San Telmo, el Teatro Colon, La Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo (see sights for more).


This Buenos Aires Travel Guide lists the important facts you need to know when traveling to South America's second-largest metropolitan. Buenos Aires happens to be the capital, as well as the largest city of Argentina. The city is known for its vibrant energy, as well as for other things such as its old world architecture that seems to blend in well with the many modern structures, nightlife, restaurants and shopping zones.

Culture and history

Buenos Aires is rich in culture and steeped in history. There are many sites that shouldn't be missed when visiting this city, such as the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, Cabildo and the Galeria Ruth Benzacar. Visit the Museo de los Ninos if traveling with children. All of the above mentioned museums and galleries house a treasure trove of history, arts, theater, music and other local crafts.


Most do not realize that Buenos Aires has a large number of well maintained parks and green zones. Some of the notable ones include the Botanical Gardens, Plaza San Martin and the Parque Tres de Febrero, which is the most well known out of the lot for its rose garden, lake and paddleboat rides.

Argentinean Cuisine

When in Buenos Aires, one shouldn't give the local food a skip. There are lots of local delights to try out such as empanadas, barbecues, Argentinean pizzas, morcilla and Asado. For an all-you-can-eat barbecue meal, head to any of the restaurants which are commonly known as Parrilladas in Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires has a very vibrant and energetic nightlife scene. A majority of the places here play drum and base, house, jazz, funk or Latin music. Must-visit nightclubs include Mint, Uni Club and Bahrein. Bar Sur puts up an excellent tango performance, while La Vaca Profana organizes superb live gigs. If a quiet night on the town is what you are looking for, you can always find this solace over a drink in one of the city's many pubs.


Buenos Aires is also known for its casinos, all of which are crowded at any time. One casino that should not be missed is the floating casino known as Casino de Buenos Aires. Housed in a river boat, this casino is well equipped with everything a true gambler would want. Trilenium Casino shouldn't be missed either, since it happens to be the largest casino in all of Buenos Aires.


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