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Guanacos at Peninsula Valdes

Guanacos at Peninsula Valdes

Vitoria Chaves Barcellos

Argentina hotels offer a wide range of places to stay for all styles and budgets. There are luxurious five-star hotels, elegant boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts and country estates that have been converted into luxury hotels and resorts.

Accommodation costs in Argentina depend on which part of the country you are visiting, but most hotels in Argentina are still cheaper than equivalent hotels in the US or in many European cities.

Luxury in the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires

Accommodation standards in Argentina have improved significantly. There are truly luxurious hotels in some cities that offer world-class amenities and services.  There are several luxury hotels in the elegant Recoleta neighborhood and one of the best known is the Four Seasons hotel (1086-88 Posadas). It offers excellent service and top-end amenities including a health club, a fitness centre and a heated outdoor swimming pool and is located in the middle of the classy shops and restaurants in Recoleta.

The Buenos Aires cE: a Modern Design Hotel

More and more designer hotels and boutique hotels have also appeared over the last few years. These are usually smaller than the luxury hotels and offer stylish accommodation with a personal touch. The Buenos Aires cE (Marcelo T. Alvear 1695) is a modern design hotel and a great example of the stylish hotels that have sprung up in Argentina recently.

Comfortable Mid-Range: Posada Gotan

Mid-range accommodation options include bed-and-breakfasts and posadas. Posada Gotan (Sanchez de Loria 1618) in Buenos Aires is a welcoming place to stay in a charming area of the city. Situated in a beautiful building, it is a great base for exploring local dining and entertainment options. Many Buenos Aires bed-and-breakfasts can be found in the nicest parts of the city, sometimes in historic colonial houses.

Stay on a Ranch in Estancia El Venado

Estancias, or fincas, are farms and cattle ranches that have been turned into luxurious resorts. Estancia El Venado is a family-run ranch in the Argentinian Pampas. Located 170 km from the capital Buenos Aires, the ranch offers good quality guest accommodations and activities including horse riding.

Two Great Youth Hostels

Cheap hotels are available in most towns. If you are a single woman traveling alone, it is best to avoid some of the rock-bottom hotels and opt for a mid-range hotel or a youth hostel instead. The Millhouse Youth Hostel (Hipólito Yrigoyen 959) and the Milhouse Avenue
 (Avenida de Mayo 1245) are two youth hostels in the central Buenos Aires that offer cheap accommodation and lots of entertainment including tango lessons.




The name Argentina derives from the Latin argentum which means silver.

Argentina is the land of Gauchos, Asado, Mate, Pampas, Tango, and Dulce de leche. The name immediately conjures up the image of big steaks, passionate men and women and long night of eating the best meat of the world and sipping mate, afterwards.

The capital city Buenos Aires is the center of the country in all ways except its geographical location. With the R�­o de la Plata, in the east of the country, it is actually the city that is closest to the Old Continent, and probably the most European city in South America.

Behind Buenos Aires, the land of the Pampas begins. Many towns with historical centres that go back to colonial are worth visiting. In the west, the Andes mountains offer great outdoor opportunities: hiking, skiing and much more. Patagonia, the far south of Argentina is a rugged and cold land. The area around Ushuaia, southern most city of the counrty, is mild in October to May. It is great for the lovers of nature and wildlife; big glaciers that go directly into the Barney, birds, seals and other arctic animals abound.

In the northwestern corner of this dreamed land, deserts and steppes are the most common geographical sites; and in the northeastern part of the country, Iguazú Falls, complete all kinds of climate existing on the Earth... all in one beautiful country.

The people are awesome, full of kindness - at least most of the time ;) -, and the weather is mostly pleasant all the year. Many people call this the Paris of the Americas.

Every country seems to have its own unique foods and Argentina is no different.  You will be hard pressed to go anywhere in Argentina without seeing someone carrying a "mate" (wooden cup) and "bombilla" (metal straw) with "yerba mate" drink (a local herbal tea) in one hand and a vacuum flask (Thermos) slung over their shoulder, ready to top up their mate when empty.  Another strange obsession with the Argentine people is their love of ice cream.  Locally made ice cream af great quality can be found all over the country in a variety of flavours.  Remember to try dulce de leche (caramelised milk) flavoured ice cream.  You can also get dulce de leche spread to have on your toast.  A must to try.


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