Viroqua Travel Guide

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Viroqua, Wisconsin and the unglaciated, "Driftless Region" of Southwest Wisconsin: One of the most unique places in North America, pristine, and virtually undiscovered.  Encompassing a circular area approximately ninety miles across, Wisconsin's Driftless Region has never been bulldozed by advancing glaciers (unlike most of northern North America).  The resulting topography is the unperturbed remains of an underwater mountain range from 100 million years ago.  The fern-like pattern of coulees, bluffs, streams and rock formations lend themselves well for great day-adventures. 

The subtle power of the Driftless lands is equaled only by the people of this mystic region.  A unique opportunity for communion with humanity awaits in the unofficial capital of the Driftless, Viroqua, Wisconsin.  A town of about 5,000, in the geographic center of the region, Viroqua is a crossroads of time and space.  A traveler's sanctuary along US Route 14, just ninety miles west of Madison, WI.  Viroqua is an unexpected mix of classic American grit and a back-to-the-Earth revival.  The surrounding farmer are still mostly independent and many are organic.  Viroqua, despite it's small size, is disproportionally blessed culturally.  There are art galleries, theater, music halls, public markets, historic buildings and organic cafes.  But most notably, there is a warmth, independence, genuineness, and vitality within the people, awaiting your visit.


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