Things to do in Washington D.C.

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Whether or not you've been to Washington DC before, there's always something new and exciting to experience.

DC By Foot

This is a great way to see the city via a walking tour. DC by Foot is a free, yes free, tour through the core of National Mall. The tour will take you by a majority of monuments but important buildings, such as the White House, are described from a distance. Hidden secrets and stories about the capitol of the country will be revealed, as well as some tips for your vacation. The duration is about 90 minutes and you walk a little over a mile. DC by Foot has morning tours and evening tours daily, but during some months like November, there are only tours on weekends. This is suitable for children and the area is stroller and wheelchair friendly. Dogs are also welcome. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and make note that the tour does not end where it starts.

Bike and Roll

If you're a novice cyclists or Lance Armstrong himself, Bike and Roll is an exciting way to explore Washington DC. There are two separate areas that are covered in the bike tours. Both tours cost about $40. The Capitol Sites Tour gives more views of government buildings. Although, the Monument Tour is the better option. It gives participants a chance to walk around when at different attractions. The bike tour provides insight into the city along with historical information. The entire ride last 3 hours and goes a distance of 4 miles. Bicycles, helmets, reflective vests, water, and a snack are provided. Bike and Roll has bikes for children, so bring along the tikes as long as their 4'6'' or taller. Also, try a bike tour at night. The air is cooler and the monuments are less crowded.

The Crab Boat

If you're traveling with a group of family or friends and want to have a party, then go to the dock in Georgetown. Here you will find Capitol River Cruises sightseeing boats, which includes the Crab Boat. The boat will hold up to 45 passengers, but you can bring as little as 10 friends for a 3 hour party on the Potomac. You can bring your own music to be played. Endless crab, corn, and beer or wine is supplied along with a cruise down the river. The cost is approximately $100 per person, so it's not for the budget traveler but it's worth the money for the fun that will be had.

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On Location Tours: Washington DC

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Run by On Location Tours, the bus tour of Washington DC TV & Movie Sites visits more than 30 locations from movies and TV shows such as The Exorcist, Wedding Crashers, West Wing, X Files and many others.  The Georgetown, DC TV & Movie Sites guided walking tour visits the most filmed neighborhoods in the nation’s capital.  The tour visits over 30 locations from movies and TV shows such as No Way Out, Minority Report, The Exorcist, St. Elmo’s Fire and more..

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