Shopping in Seattle

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Seattle is situated right on the water in Washington State. Downtown is identified by its most famous feature: the Space Needle. A popular place for tourists, this city offers a great amount of things to do and places to see. Being such a large city, there are great shopping opportunities here. From downtown to little neighborhoods, you’ll find shops of every variety and price range.


Downtown is the more corporate shopping area. It’s filled with department stores and name brand shops. You won’t find many specialty shops here but if you’re looking for a giant mall-like atmosphere with stores you’re familiar with, this is the place to be.  You can find clothing stores like Old Navy and Gap or other stores like Tiffany’s and Barnes and Nobles. The best places to look for shops downtown are between 4th Avenue and 8th Avenue. There seems to be a good mix of price ranges here too; from average to high end.


Seattle has a few malls within its borders. The two most popular seem to be Pacific place and Westlake Center. Both are located in the downtown area and they function as any normal mall in any other city. If you’re looking for good deals all located in the same place both of these are a good place to start. They have lots of restaurants, movies and commercial shops. Other malls in the area include Southcenter and Bellevue Square. These are located in the surrounding suburban areas and are much larger than the downtown versions. You can also find a lot of strip malls in the suburban areas that are smaller and have a mix of commercial and locally owned shops. As one would expect, price ranges vary from shop to shop.

Pike Place Market

This is a well established market that serves as the home to many vendors selling fresh produce, meat, seafood, flowers, crafts and other specialty items. It’s an interesting place to visit and most say it should be a definite stop on your Seattle shopping visit. The small shops are very diverse; you can find clothing, jewelry and antiques. It’s likely that every person on your trip will find something that they’d enjoy. Prices are usually cheaper here since it’s more of an open market than a commercial store. You can get lots of bargains and some places will even haggle down their prices if you’re up for it. There are also lots of restaurants and street performers here.

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