Nightlife and Entertainment in San Antonio

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Here are some highlights of San Antonio’s Nightlife. The city of San Antonio is the second largest in the state of Texas, and is one of the bar capitals of the world. Filled with places bursting with Spanish and Mexican influences, there won't be a night where a tourist will be bored. 

Rosario's Mexican Café Y Cantina

There’s nothing like Mexican food in Texas, and this café-restaurant is the place to go when looking for something to do during late nights when there seems like nothing is open. Rosario’s is more than the meek, quiet café where people sit by and read papers or books – it operates somewhat like a bar or a club, with a bar area and a dance floor. The music here is interesting, and salsa is a staple for the live bands that play here. But, the draw for visitors to this place is the food, and the kitchen whips up some of the best Mexican food in San Antonio. The margaritas here are to die for, and although it is packed on most nights of the week, the wait is well worth it.

Esquire Tavern

The oldest tavern in Texas must have a reputation to back it up, and it does have some of the most interesting entertainment around. The place simply screams old-school, and even though the pub looks well-worn and beaten up, Esquire still manages to bring in a steady stream of locals and visitors alike. Go around to the bar and pick up a beer, or join the locals in a game of pool as the music of the jukebox plays in the background. Cost wise, this 72-year old establishment is one of the cheapest around, proving why its popularity among the locals still remains even after all these years.


Looking at the pub from the outset, Casbeers is unassuming to the point of being decaying and dilapidated. The inside, however, is quite a different story altogether. In some sort of a weird, funky hippie mix, the interior design of the pub-bar is quite a sight to behold. Ceiling fans seem to grow out of worn out tires, and the walls are of colors that can only be described as eclectic. The bar food here is good, especially the enchiladas, but the music is better – anything from local songwriters to rock-and-roll hits being played by a live band.

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