When to Go in Houston

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Being the largest and most populated city in Texas, Houston attracts a large amount of tourists every year. It is a huge urban area with large international communities. The tourist season is concentrated between December and March, due to the many visitors trying to escape the cold winter weather of their hometowns. Houston has a humid subtropical climate, so winters stay mild, rarely provoking snowfall, and staying with high temperatures of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit or more even in January, the coldest month. Still, it's almost never good to travel during tourist season. Prices for hotels, restaurants, and activities all rise significantly, and the city gets more crowded than it already is. The better time to travel is spring, specifically in April, when you can avoid the tropical cyclones and dangerous flooding of hurricane season, while enjoying all the benefits of the low season.

Seasonal Weather

Springtime weather occurs from late March to May, bringing with it warm temperatures and occasional thunderstorms. The temperatures almost always stay below 77 degrees Fahrenheit, making the weather comfortable for doing things outdoors, unlike in summer. The growing season begins, and some animals and insects return to the area, such as butterflies. The humidity is reasonable, as well, creating a great time during the low tourist season to explore Houston.

Summer is not a highly recommended time for people to travel to Houston. Heat and humidity sweep the area, with temperatures often above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which can make your trip very uncomfortable and even put you at risk for heat stroke, which is common in Houston. Outdoor activities are definitely discouraged in the summer, unless they involve water (swimming, etc.). The humidity in the morning usually rises to 90%. Because of the heat and humidity, Houston is now one of the most air-conditioned cities in the world, but there's another danger to worry about besides heat stroke. Hurricanes and tropical cyclones are a major possibility during the summer months. They come in off of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean causing much damage and heavy, flooding rainfall.

Autumn has milder temperatures than summer, but hurricanes are still possible through October, and flooding often occurs due to cold fronts coming in during both October and November. It is for these reasons that most tourists visit Houston during the winter. Winter can bring cold or freezing rain, low wind chills, and some nights with temperatures below freezing, but at least hurricanes are not a risk factor. On the positive side, daytime temperatures are quite warm and snow is rare.

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