Getting There in Houston

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Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston

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Bush or Hobby?

That is the question. Here is the answer:

Bush: International Airport Extreme. Home of Continental Airlines and a major Southwest Airlines hub. The easiest large airport to navigate in the world, but it's still huge and not full of all the nice people native to Houston. Really good parking and luggage handling, though. Regardless of what the shuttle people tell you, it's 45 min to an hour north of the city of Houston. You won't notice if you don't mind getting a hotel outside downtown, but don't be confused more..

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Getting there by Freeways

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Downtown Houston
Downtown Houston

If coming from the Western US, jump on the I-10 Freeway East.

If you're coming from the Eastern US (Louisiana and farther) use the I-10 Freeway West.

If you're coming from the Northern US (Most likely through Dallas) Save yourself a lot of trouble and grab the I-59 South. You'll drive through some beautiful country.

If you're coming from the South, then you swam there! Hail a cab and find a towell.

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