Galveston Island Travel Guide

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Galveston Island, maybe you've heard of it?

Most likely it was while hearing of the worlds worst natural disaster (Hurricane 1901) and how it completely changed a town that was, by all accounts, on its way to becoming one of America's largest beach cities. Yeah, this beautiful island can melt your worries away with its extremely warm water, and overwhelmingly warm attitude. Of course, it's also a great place for spooks!

The rich history of Texas royalty, and modern beach bums can be found around every corner of Galveston. Here you can find some of the oldest surviving architecture in the state, as well as some of the most varied. Tours highlighting everything from lighthouses to haunted graveyards will keep you busy, but check out the restaurants along the main strip! Remember you're in a community that's crammed between good old southern chefs who have been inspired by creole spice, and mexican flavors. These masters must not be missed!

While you're heading south, make sure to check out the abandoned water park "AquaArena", now a converted RV park. Besides, being a great location for RV hookups, it's freakishly scary to walk around in near darkness and see whats still swimming around in old tanks with a strong flashlight. A little too weird?

Okay then, grab a cab and ask to be taken to "The Pyramids". The Moody Gardens glass pyramids house an aquarium, an tropical rain forest, a butterfly preserve, IMax Theaters, and so much more. You will be blown away, and you could check out the old Flight Museum right next door for chump change. (beware the Aquarium is a little dull)

Okay, now here is the fun part -- THE BEACH!

Ask anyone who has ever been to Galveston, and they will tell you that while it's not Hawaii, or the California coast, the water is warm and time slips by at a crawls pace. Do yourself a favor and don't swim in the bay. Regardless of what anyone tells you, it's full of barnicles and nasty black mud. No fun in the sun.

If Galveston steals your heart, you can stay in one of a million little beach houses along the southern strip of the Island. Most are available for weekly or daily rental, and rarely provide sticker shock. Check out Pirates Beach, or Sea around and look for the "Rent" signs.

Wrap up your visit by shark fishing! The Gulf of Mexico is home to some of the hardest fighting Hammerheads and Bull Sharks you will ever find, and the Shark Steaks are divine!

PS: Texas girls fill out bikinis better than most.

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