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Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens

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Glaveston is a small city located in the county of the same name and is nestled on the Galveston Island on the stunning Gulf Coast in Texas. Here is some information on the history, attractions and activities and accommodation options in this historical Texan hotspot.


Galveston is a striking paradox of peaceful pristine beauty and a thriving commercial port. The town was catapulted to the league of a buzzing industrial center in the early nineteenth century and was even dramatically ravaged by the notorious hurricane that was America’s biggest natural catastrophe until Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Galveston has till today not been able to recuperate from the after effects of the disaster. The city is a popular tourist locale for its gardens, historic landmarks, museums and vineyards that are dispersed all around the picturesque island. The earliest settlers in Galveston island were members of the Akokisa and Karankawa tribe. Cabeza de Vaca and his entourage were shipwrecked in the region and began their exploratory trail to Mexico.

In the late 18 th century Jose de Evia, the famous Spanish explorer christened the island Galveztown as a mark of reverence to the Bernardo de Galvez y Madrid, Count of Galvez. In 1893, Galveston City was amalgamated into the Republic of Texas by the Congress and the infamous Battle of Galveston was waged in the region on 1 st January 1863.


Visit the Lone Star Flight Museum, a treasure trove of historical aviation memorabilia and exhibits chronicling landmark events from the region’s rich military aircraft history. Moody Gardens is a beautiful expanse of immaculate greenery that is great for a day trip in the backdrop of rich vegetation and a stunning landscape. A day pass costs approximately $ 40. For sampling traces of Galveston’s historical legacy, there is no better place than the Strand National Historical District. The vintage zone is full of ancient structures, old houses, historical buildings and markets that preserve the erstwhile culture of Galveston. Haak Vineyards is another great day trip option that conducts complimentary tours for visitors. Seawolf Park is good for fishing on Friday and Saturday evenings. The park is open on all days from sunrise to sunset, however fishing is allowed only on weekends. Take A ferry from Galveston Island to Bolivar to view awe-inspiring snapshots of Galveston’s charm on the way. There are plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife species and feed sea animals from the ferry stern.

Food and Accommodation

Casey’s is a good seafood eatery that offers a humbly priced menu in an informal ambiance. For savoring true-blue Mexican fare, head to La Estacion on Ball Street that serves delicious and full-bodied Mexican breakfast. There are popular fast food chains like Fuddruckers and Pizza Hut along with the quirky titled Mosquito Café that cooks delectable fusion cuisine. For budget accommodation Best Value Inn & Suites, Beachcomber Inn and Mariner are good options. Hotel Seascape is good value for money and for an more luxurious indulgence, try The Tremont House, Hotel Galvez and The Victorian Condo Hotel apart from a host of plush vacation villas.  

Galveston is an eclectic tourist destination that offers visitors much more than what they actually bargained for.

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