Getting Around in Dallas

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DART Light Rail trains at Hampton Station

DART Light Rail trains at Hampton Station

Gil R. Glover

DFW is 16 miles (26km) northwest of Dallas; Love Field is in the city. Buses, shuttles and taxis run between the airports and the city and car rentals are available.

Dallas is at the convergence of about a dozen major highways so it's easy to access from all points of the compass. If you're a masochist you'll count rush-hour driving on Dallas' freeways among life's peak experiences.  Traffic, however, is not nearly as bad as cities of comparable size.

Greyhound buses travel between Dallas and  Austin (4-6 hours) Houston (5-6 hours) San Antonio (5-7 hours) and El Paso (11-14 hours). The Trinity Railway Express (TRE) travels between downtown Fort Smith and Dallas (1 hr).  Union Station in Dallas' west end is the beacon for Amtrak trains. DART is the region's public transportation system with both buses and light-rail trains serving downtown Dallas and the outlying areas. See for train routes, stations and schedules. Cabs congregate at the airports, bus and train depots and hotels.

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