Day Trips Intro in Austin

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Austin, Texas is known as a haven for live music, with a young and active population, a huge number of unique bars and restaurants, and a distinctly cultural mindset that sets it apart from many other Texan cities. Additionally, there are a number of Austin day trip options for those interested in exploring the region around the city as well.

Lake Travis

Located in the Hill Country outside of Austin, Lake Travis is a body of water formed by the Colorado River. This is a wonderful destination for a day out on the water from Austin, and there are plenty of watersports activities in which to engage. Boating, swimming, sunbathing and more await the many travelers of all ages who visit Lake Travis.


Llano is a small town southwest of Austin that is famous for having a huge deer population. As such, the sightseeing is quite good for those who have a passion for animals, and many people visit Llano for a day trip in order to go hunting. Be sure to obtain the proper equipment and licensing, if this is your plan.


A true German enclave in Texas, Fredericksburg is home to a large community of first-, second- and third-generation immigrants from Germany. Expect delicious German food, beer and cultural activities like Oktoberfest at certain times of year.

There are a number of other trips available in the Austin area depending upon your interest. Speak with a representative at your accommodation for additional advice relevant to your tastes and goals.

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