History in Delaware County

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The river and the county take their name from Thomas West, Lord Delaware (Baron DeLaWarr), who was Colonial Administrator for America in the early seventeenth century. This first settled land of Pennsylvania, then part of Chester County, established Penn's government in the town of Chester in 1681. Chester remained the county seat until an effort was made during the Revolutionary War to move it to a more centralized location.

The people from the town of Chester strongly opposed any moving of the court house and county seat. For about four years things remained quiet but during this time the people from the northwestern part of the county began building. The town of West Chester sprung up around the new buildings and is now the County Seat of Chester County. The people from the town of Chester were very upset with this growth and saw it as an effort to have their courthouse removed.

A group got together to go to this new town of West Chester and tear down the walls. A small battle took place but it was mostly with words. It was right after this that an act of Legislature authorized the moving the County Seat from the town of Chester to the Town of West Chester. The shoe was now on the other foot. The people from the town of Chester and the surrounding vicinity now understood the pains of the people form the western part of the county.

They petitioned the General Assembly and pleaded that they "labored under many and great inconveniences, from the seat of justice being moved to a great distance from them, and prayed that they might be removed from the said inconvenience, "by erecting the said Borough and the southeastern parts of said County into a separate County."

An Act passed on the 26th of September, 1789, regarded their petition as "just and reasonable," and authorized the division of the County of Chester, and the erection of a part thereof into a new County. The first court for the new County of Delaware took place on February 9, 1790. The County Seat remained in Chester until 1850 when it was moved to the new town of Media.

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